(, 15 Simple & Easy Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Yard Ideas (For Your House & Villager Houses), 15 Nook's Cranny Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Graveyard Design Ideas & Custom Cemeteries, 20 Japanese Island Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, 20 Kitchen Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, 25 Zen Garden Area Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dont forget to capture the moon in your background so it has just enough light on its own (and gives you a larger canvas), too! 1. Its your park, after all. And if you prefer to lay down some dirt as pictured, then go for it. Just put in a rug you like, some little things like books, drinks, or even a radio, then voila! Complete with lots of trees and statues to match the vibe. I especially like the addition of the bench, because its a great place to hang out or take a rest if youve been perusing the museum all day. And for another fun idea, add a popcorn machine in addition to the infused water dispenser so that everyone has refreshments. Furthermore, hardwood trees and shrubs and flowers complete your forest look! Where better to go then a high-up rock garden? Well if thats the case, you can simply shape your rivers around a path leading into your island. Its about time we have some transport on our islands, too! Heres another build that makes the best of a bad situation. Add some lamp posts to the side just before your airport to illuminate the way. Palm lamps, dance floor and a checkerboard pattern all make for an amazing design piece. Well hes an owl, so no. And Im here for it. For example, the teacup ride is already available for purchase on Nook Miles. This player made a custom square stone path design that I think works very well as a path for the area. On top of this, it has some final touches that make the main feature just that complete. Be sure to add a mix of hardwood and cedar trees to create your forest area first. Perfect to setup a chess table and play this legendary game. Just create some cliffs in any way you like, and dont forget to leave a little pathway into your island. Place statues where visitors will see them as soon as they walk in. This can easily be recreated by creating some cherry blossom items and designing simple panels for them. Make your visitors feel like theyve stepped straight into a fairy-tale with this mushroom entrance. Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue making content for you!#AnimalCrossing #NewHorizons #ACNH I mean really, does anyone understand how fine art works? I think a two-tier waterfall works well, just be sure to top them off with some ice sculptures overlooking the island. Skeleton Garden Image Source by @acnh_chocomint / @happyyhorizons While not the most visually appealing scene, it makes for a creative park idea. Youll be sure to wow every visitor you get. Add a bunch of cobblestone flooring, a water fountain, some seating, and then populate it with trees and flowers. If you live in the city, you probably have some sort of courtyard in the back that looks like a rundown park. While Ive seen many dog park designs in New Horizons, I really think simple is the way to go. You can even customize your stone arch into mossy rocks for that extra rainforest vibe. Be sure to set up some cedar trees too. Team it all up with an array of different blue flowers and shrubs, or trees for bonus points if it happens to be snowing. However, youll want to start by setting up the various playground items right on the border between grass and sand. First, lay down some stone paths, and add some custom flower designs to liven up the pathway. If only things were like that in real life. I like the New Horizons Decoration set, but I cant quite figure out how to use it. If you have a forestcore island or just want something a little more lowkey, this is a great option to design. Show off your terraforming skills by creating a two-tier waterfall surrounded by flowers and fruit trees. Honestly, this is what I picture the Louvre looking like if it could be ported to Animal Crossing. There is no additional charge to you! 19 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Kitchen Design Ideas, 15 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Library Ideas, 10 Best ACNH Mermaid Room Inspo & Mermaid Design Ideas, 20 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Basement Design Ideas, 15 Best Moon Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I cant blame this player for putting their house out here, either. I honestly like the fact that some of the trees are in different growth stages, as it shows the park plants in the process of growing. A couple of blue roses help to balance out the colors, and theres just enough flowers to add a touch of nature without adding the whole forest. Streetlamps and wooden shop sign are nice touches too, that make this area feel like a real park. The stall and cotton candy machine make for some great amusement park concessions as well. 1. This is a great starter idea for new islands, because like others on this list, it doesnt take many special or rare items. I think a two-tier waterfall works well, just be sure to top them off with some ice sculptures overlooking the island. Its mix of gold and yellow flowers, as well as a variety of nova lights at night, makes for an eclectic environment thats both stunning and visually engaging. Now this is what Id call a sunny entrance! Hey fam! This lush entryway theme will welcome all guests to your tropical island. Oct 10, 2020 - Explore Fabrycated's board "ACNH Outdoor Spaces" on Pinterest. The addition of those mushroom tables helps to lend a bit of a whimsical fairy vibe, as well. This adorable hidden bake stand is laden with the best snackies, doughnuts, and coffee. This bring this look together, so be sure to mix and match your furniture. The white iron garden chairs and pansy table make for great park furniture. All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. This entrance will look incredible in fall! Gosh, this list is making me miss visiting museums IRL! There is also a Nooks Cranny over on the left side making it very accessible for visitors. A tea spot like this would even make Alice and her Wonderland jealous. But finding the right colors? You can create this too, with an array of cherry blossom items and a custom path leading up to the plaza. And what a great idea! With statues, bones, paintings, and plenty of well, everything, this entrance is a lot to look at. 2023 FandomSpot But the great outdoors can make you greatly hungry, though. Its hard to have a forestcore masterlist without a few forests. Start out by setting up a small area of your island with some brick fencing. So why not put one right at the entrance of your island? You can make this by simple laying down some paths and placing hay beds, which can be crafted from weeds. Plus a little stream makes it easy to catch fish and fill out the aquarium section, too! To complete the look, maybe add some butterfly models! And within the rivers you can create steppingstones or tiny islands too. Then youd enclose the area further with some imperial fencing, which can be crafted from iron. If you wanted to take it a step further you could even try and get your rocks to appear here through trial and error! DODO airlines definitely wont miss this island when the entrance is filled with glowing lamps, moons, and star fragments. Create two-tier cliffs and decorate the top level with pyramids. If you need a break from touring, theres even a stone dining set ready for an afternoon or evening tea. Take a quick glance at them. Youll also want to purchase a teacup ride from Nook Miles, as well as a colorful wheel from Nook Shopping so you have some fun attractions. Other Ideas for Island Entrance in Animal Crossing New Horizons And this player is someone after my very own heart with all those flowers, namely daisies, tulips, and mums. Im feeling the chill just looking at this amazing icy entrance! And if youre anything like me, youd do almost anything to make Blathers happy. Just imagine it: the weathers warm, theres a nice breeze, and the stars are out. Throw in a bunch of hardwood trees down the side of your path. Be sure to add hardwood and cedar trees around the area first before planting any flowers or rocks in between them. You can just use whatever nature items you have to make it look great. ACNH Bathroom Undersea The mermaid theme is extremely popular, mainly for girls. Does anyone else remember that Pixar short of an old man playing chess with himself in the park? There are many different types of parks out there. With all the flowers, this is a beautiful spot that will attract plenty of fluttering butterflies. And your villagers will love strolling along the path! Camping is a great time, super economical, and really gets you in touch with the great outdoors. But what about if you have, like, a lot of bones? While I would not expect you to make a roller coaster for your island (though I would be mightily impressed if you did), there are other attractions at your disposal. Now this lovely home is situated in a forest clearing. So just pick your favorite dinosaurs like the Quetzalcoatl, brachiosaurs, or ankylosaurus. Its super simple yet looks amazing. Or if you prefer the suburbs, well thats an option too. Then craft a fountain out of stone and display it as a beautiful centerpiece for this museum park. And the same holds true for Animal Crossing! There are many things you can do in the park like put on plays for the whole community! The last thing youll need is to craft some western style stones and set them up in neat rows to properly honor the dearly departed. One last activity that can be park fun for everyone is holding a movie night. Ill see myself out. The design is simple yet looks amazing and easy to complete! It provides plenty of decor and furniture, so youre sure to find what you need here whether thats inspiration on how to make your own space mesh with the theme or just something, Read More 20 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Basement Design IdeasContinue, Animal Crossing New Horizons Ideas Moon lovers rejoice! Theres even an area for painting in this design, and another for botany! Place your favorite statue in the middle for dramatic effect! Making cliffs look good (and not awkward) can be really difficult sometimes. Then scatter around some trees and flowers so that your entrance is natural looking. Visitors will love walking under an archway of trees, but you can make it even more incredible by adding a stone arch to the path. While the wooden shop sign is for this players nearby post office, I think making a sign that says Duck Feeding or Dont Feed the Ducks can be a nice finishing touch. When there isnt rain, I bet there would be loads of butterflies enjoying the scenery probably just as much as you and your villagers! Team it all up with an array of different blue flowers to keep that cool vibe. Just create some cliffs in any way you like, and dont forget to leave a little pathway into your island as well! With just some flowers, street lamps, and a garden bench, it's an easy idea for new players to achieve, but still classy and gorgeous. 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